What is Henna?

Henna (Lawsomia inermis) is a plant that temporarily dyes the skin until the skin fully exfoliates. The leaves of the plant are dried, pulvurised, and mixed with lemon juice, essential oils and sugar to create henna paste. Henna stains the skin a brown/red color and lasts for about 1-2 weeks. Although completely safe and natural, those with G6PD deficiency should not use henna.

How long does Henna & Jagua last?

Henna lasts on average 1-2 weeks of strong color and 1-2 weeks of faded color. Skin type, placement, & aftercare are all factors that can effect the duration of your temporary tattoo.

What is Jagua?

Jagua is made from the jagua fruit (Genipa Americana) that is grown in South America. The juice of the fruit is extracted, concentrated, then thickened to turn into jagua gel. When jagua gel is applied to the skin, it stains the skin a navy/black color that lasts about 1-2 weeks. Although completely safe and natural, those with psoriasis or eczema should not use jagua as it may cause a flare up.

What's the Henna aftercare?

Henna will dry within in the first hour. Leave the paste on 4-6 hours, or as long as you can. Don't pick at the paste, it will crack and flake off on its own. Avoid water on the area for at least 12 hours or longer. Stain will be a bright orange color the first day and will darken to a brown/red color over the next few days.

What's the Jagua aftercare?

Jagua will dry within in the first hour. Leave jagua gel on for 2-3 hours. Thoroughly wash the area and surrounding area well with soap and luke warm water. Design will be invisible the first day, but will oxidize to a blue/black color over the next day or two and will last 1-2 weeks.

What is White Henna Glam?

White henna is not actually white henna, despite its name; it is actually a skin safe body paint adhesive that temporarily adherse to the skin drawn in a "henna style". White henna typically lasts 1-3 days, takes ~5 minutes to dry, is water resistant, and ready to wear immediately after application. Great for parties or events where dancing is involved!